4 key ways Editorial Design can grow your business (or ruin it!)

What exactly is editorial design in business?

In the simplest terms, it is the compilation of content, images, fonts, colors, formats in such a way that it best supports your business goal.

Already at this point you can see that it cannot be something random. A coincidental choice of fonts, for example, however spectacular, can make your message unreadable. You will spend a lot of money on the project, your employees will spend a lot of time on them and the result will be miserable. Just because someone had no idea how to do it right.


  • Road signs – the type of font, size, font color and background color, these were all tested and the best visible and best readable ones were chosen. Think what would happen on the highway (fast traffic!) if the location/direction names were not very readable? Drivers would slow down at every exit to read the sign, turn at the last minute, suddenly change lanes…. chaos and accidents.
  • Sale posters – there is a reason why they are usually red with a large white number telling the amount of discounts, and the words ‘up to’ or ‘sales’ are smaller. This is because it is the number prefixed with a minus sign that triggers the most emotion in the customer’s mind and evokes the quickest associations. Everything else is secondary. A poster with a big sign saying “Sale of the year -30%” will work much better than a differently large poster with a tiny sign saying “Sale of the year -99%!” No one will notice the second one.
  • Documentation for investors – if your documentation looks like it was prepared by a 10-year-old in Open Office at school breaks, you will not present yourself as someone reliable and professional, someone who can make sure the work is done. Rather, as a shoddy businessman who doesn’t take them seriously and probably won’t know how to take care of business. Messy, unreadable, ugly documentation is like serving a tea in a dirty glass.

Here we get to 4 undoubted benefits of professional editorial design

  1. It makes business easier, because it helps you avoid problems and constantly dealing with firefighting, you can focus on development.
  2. Lowers costs, because there is less work – you don’t need extra people to handle customer service, handle complaints, or repair products.
  3. Generates more customers for you, because your products or services are noticed and are compelling.
  4. Builds your image as a professional who can be relied on and is worth working with

Editorial design is the connection between brands and the customers they serve. We work with brands to help them connect with their audiences through meaningful experiences.

– Alpha Lupi Media